THREE.CurvePath not creating path as expected [SOLVED]

I have 3 CubicBezierCurve3 from which i am creating the path which should be render like this:

But it is rendering like this:

I have added these 3 CubicBezierCurve3 curves to path, but the end result of curve path is having 4 curves.

var curve1 = new THREE.CubicBezierCurve3(
  new THREE.Vector3( -1,0,0 ),
  new THREE.Vector3( -0.5,0.5,0),
  new THREE.Vector3( 0,0,0 ),
  new THREE.Vector3( 1,0,0)

var curve2 = new THREE.CubicBezierCurve3(
  new THREE.Vector3( 1,0,0 ),
  new THREE.Vector3( 2,0,0),
  new THREE.Vector3(1.7048094272613525,-0.7840057611465454,0.056153178215026855),
  new THREE.Vector3( 2.156205177307129,-1.2861229181289673,0.09211651980876923)

var curve3 = new THREE.CubicBezierCurve3(
  new THREE.Vector3( 0.23302721977233887,-1.2808864116668701,0.1413232386112213 ),
  new THREE.Vector3( 0.6444002389907837,-1.0345396995544434,0.08614902198314667 ),
  new THREE.Vector3( 0,0,0 ),
  new THREE.Vector3( 1,0,0 )

curvee = new THREE.CurvePath();


Check the fiddle for full code.

I’ve debugged your code and can say that everything works as expected. THREE.Line draws a continuous line from a given sequence of points. Your path is not continuous so the gap at the bottom of your structure (looks like a bell^^) is connected with a line between the second and third bezier curve. I hope the following improvised picture illustrates the sequence of your points.


To solve the problem, don’t use CurvePath and create a single line object for each of your three curves.


Thanks, I was combining 2 splines (blender) into one curve now its perfect. I have created to CurvePaths.