The glb convert by vrm model does not working

Hi, I am a three js beginner. I tried to use the google mediapipe avatar demo MediaPipe Face Virtual Avatar Demo ( to make an AR filter project. I’m currently working on integrating the VRM model into a demo project. Despite VRM being a derivative of the GLB format, my model fails to appear in the demo. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. I attempted to load the VRM directly and also tried renaming the file with a .glb extension.
  2. I used conversion software to transform the VRM file into a standard GLB format, but to no avail.

However, the models display correctly when using a glTF viewer, indicating that the files are not corrupted. When I use GLB models downloaded from the internet, they work perfectly with the demo.

Can someone shed some light on what might be different about my model? Is there a particular setting or conversion method that ensures compatibility with this specific demo environment?
My VRM model:

glb converted by VRM

If the CodePen demo above is your attempt of showing the model → then it is showing it. The problem is that the camera is not positioned well. Try to change the camera position in line 102: = 1;

The result I get is this:

This model is the demo belong and works well, But I try to use my model by updating line 223, and it did not work. It can be shown on the glTF viewer, I think it is not broken. Change the camera position does not help this issue

what if we pair it with this loader?