Texture loads on old version but fails on the latest build

Hello everyone,

I was using an old version of THREE.js and everything worked fine,
but yesterday I updated to the latest build for VR support and the texture wont load up, the mesh is all black.

anyone could help please?

here is the code:
the object on the right is a point cloud with point material , no problem there.

and here is the obj file:

Im using visualsfm wtih meshlab to generate models from photos.

Sorry about the github links they were not working, I updated them.

update: maybe it could help someone having the same issue,
I used MeshMatcapMaterial and it worked,
so I will use it as a temporary solution.

The model is black since it defines no vertex normals. I think you can fix the issue by calling computeVertexNormals():

object.traverse(function (node) {

    if (node.isMesh) node.geometry.computeVertexNormals();


Notice that MeshMatcapMaterial works because similar to MeshBasicMaterial it is an unlit material. Meaning it does not respond to light sources in your scene.

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Thank you very much :blush: that worked.