Texture is BLACK on Windows (but fine on OSX)

Some of the textures of my DAE files in dddance.party are black, but only on Windows browsers. Very strange bug I can’t make sense of. Any ideas? Thanks!

Can you please share the current passcode in this thread? Otherwise it’s not possible to open your app^^.

oooooops yes: POGERS

I can reproduce on a Windows 10 notebook. Strange, I’ve tried several dancers but only Theon X does not work. No errors or warnings in the browser console :thinking:

theon.zip (742.0 KB)

theon dae is attached

Any luck @Mugen87 ?

Sorry, I’ve debugged this several times but I can’t find something suspicious in three.js.

dddance.party won’t load for me.

@looeee The OP shared a zip file with a Collada model that is not loaded on Windows correctly (its diffuse texture is rendered black). Maybe you can check it out on your system and see what happens.

Sure, I’ll check it in the morning

My servers are exploding : (

I think the texture bug might have something to do with vertex normals, or lack of vertex normals. just a hunch…

Indeed, your app does currently not load. Anyway, can you please share your lighting setup in this thread? So what type of lights are you creating and how are they parameterized.

Can you please try this code as a workaround (I’m currently not at my Windows PC).

loader.load( './models/collada/test/theon_d1.dae', function ( collada ) {

	var animations = collada.animations;
	var avatar = collada.scene;

	avatar.traverse( function ( node ) {

		if ( node.isSkinnedMesh ) {

			node.geometry.computeVertexNormals(); // FIX


	} );

	mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer( avatar );
	mixer.clipAction( animations[ 0 ] ).play();

	scene.add( avatar );

} );
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Hehe Theon, non-copyright infringing brother of Thanos :smiley:

Tested on Chrome, FF, Edge in windows. All show black, but computeVertexNormals fixes the issue.

I’m surprised this works without normals on OSX. I don’t have Apply hardware, can anyone else confirm that?

I could not reproduce the issue with my first tests with https://dddance.party/ and my iMac.

In any event, even if the geometry has no vertex normals, you should still see the effects of an ambient light.


Sorry for the delay on this. Thanks for the response.

Theon lights up like a Christmas tree with node.geometry.computeVertexNormals();

Any idea how to get him looking a bit smoother?

It worked well for all the other models! Theon was an exception.
Consider this SOLVED. Thanks @Mugen87 !