Terrain with different heights without using a heightmap image

I’ve already made a third-person view, controls(WSAD), and movement animations DEMO (wait a couple of seconds for the model to load, haven’t added loading indicators yet)

Now it’s time to create the terrain.
I need a simple example of how to create a curved plane without using a heightmap image.

An example of what I need

Do you mind sharing an image so it’s more clear what you are looking for.

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Added an image

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When you say that, you mean you don’t want to load an external texture, right? Would it be okay for you if such a texture would be generated procedurally in your code?

Sorry if I confused you
Here’s an example of generating heights based on the darkness or lightness of a pixel in an image.
Is there a simple solution to create these heights without using an image, such as an array of coordinates?

Yes, one options is to create height data with a noise algorithm. Check out the following example (especially the usage of ImprovedNoise):