Tauri integration problem

Hi I’m trying to integrate three js / react fiber app with tauri, everything works perfectly when I compile js app to .exe but problem comes when I try load resources from external files.

Fetch and html image loading works normaly from this external folder (outside .exe file) but problem comes with texture loader:

As you can see, fetch above was successful so there is no problem with getting the file, but texture loader crashes.

Do anyone have any idea what to do ? :smiley:

Three uses just the basic Image element to load images - and that’s what seems to be breaking in the screenshot you’ve shared (there really isn’t much more to it - image is given .src, which in your case looks like a Tauri-generated URL - and attempts to load it.)

Seems more like a Tauri issue rather than three’s :thinking:

<img src={tauri path} /> works, fetch(tauri path) also works :slight_smile: but yeah, I’m also leading this conversation on tauri github :smiley: just colecting experiences and idead :smiley:

Nah little update, It looks like its working there was maybe some problem with cache or something but on another day on PC restart project works fine,…

GitHub - erikpa1/tauri_threejs living example (don’t forget to read comments in README when you want to try)