Svg loader from generated svg

I’ve been using the svg.js library to generate complex images which I convert to alphas then data uri to use on object material image textures.

I’d like to start to use the generated svg images that my many svg.js functions produce as stencils to extrude a lathe-style objects from.

I’ve got the general idea of how to do most of that. One problem, the svgloader requires a file correct?
My svgs are in-browser results of the svg.js code, not images per se.
I know I could save to browser storeage etc,or do something server side, but I am not that savvy with that (yet) and need a simple solution if one exists where I can have the svg loader access the svg images produced, whether by I’d, or just accept the function that generates each image in the first place as opposed to a ‘file’.

Any help would be appreciated!

Take a look at this SO answer:

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Thanks a lot. That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Needle in a haystack searching for answers sometimes!

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