Sprites not rendering/showing on all angles of camera

I’m having troubles trying to show this sprites moving through a line on the scene. I did some research and saw that other people have problems with this but none of the answers help me to solve it.
Here is a fiddle where you can see the problem:


Any help and commentary would be great.

You have to use SpriteMaterial for your sprites not MeshBasicMaterial.


Ok, thats a silly mistake sorry for that.
Now, i update the fiddle and add a box geometry with transparency to the scene because on my project i had a model of pipes and the sprites have to move inside it simulating gas, when i do that i cant see the particles through the pipes, is this a good approach to do that or there is a better way to do it ?



Um, implementing something like this is always tricky. You maybe can achieve an acceptable solution by setting depthWrite of the box’s material to false (see https://jsfiddle.net/rq93hk25/25/). Otherwise I suggest you google this topic since there are many existing discussions about transparency issues in WebGL.

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Thanks, its working better now.