Spheregeometry small part

Hi all,
I want to do some kind of 360 degree tour.
I understand that I have to use a spheregeometry.
But in some cases I don’t have the full equirectangle image but just like a 30 ° x60 ° part.
And no idea how to do this.

Thank you in advance for the community

Better to use SphereBufferGeometry.

Depending on how your images look and how they are connected (sounds like a cubemap to me tbh, unless you mean it’s just a 360 panorama cut in several parts?) you can:
(1) Join them in Photoshop and save yourself 100 hours of trying to automate it in js / three.
(2) If 1 is not possible, you can try using PMREMGenerator.fromEquirectangular or PMREMGenerator.fromCubemap.
(3) If that still does not work, you can create a CanvasTexture and glue all the parts together to form a 360deg map - then return to point 2.


    <rangmaximum type="Float">4.29496729600000035e+04</rangmaximum>
    <elevminimum type="Float">-5.27884324050691411e-01</elevminimum>
    <elevmaximum type="Float">1.05032501112537990e+00</elevmaximum>
    <azimStart type="Float">3.14106615788741905e+00</azimStart>
    <azimEnd type="Float">-3.13868505792786534e+00</azimEnd>

Thank you for the quick response.

I have an image like this one, and the value given to me is this one, but I don’t see how to use it.

I know the real value is
Horizontal 40 to 200
Vertical -30 to 60

Have you some idea ?