SpaceFolio a Idea to Portifolio

An early idea for a portfolio model, an interactive spaceship.
It’s not complete yet.

OK. Please, also share it when it is complete. 3D portfolios are good, especially when they are stylish, users friendly and users’ devices friendly.

Here are some preliminary observations:

  • the site looks like too heavy for my machine
  • some areas of the background image are too blurry
  • using the cursor to click and to rotate might be confusing (e.g. I moved the cursor to click on a button, but because of this movement the camera rotated, the button moved and the click happened on the wrong button)

you are right on all points. I think Postprocess makes it too heavy.
I noticed after you commented that different window formats look very bad.

Portfolio Idea Rejected!

I’m going to try other ideas other than computer tables

Hm. Wait! Why? No! I didn’t mean to discourage you…

It’s not because of the comment, this format is really horrible, I want something lighter