Some loaders are not working in Firefox on ARM Chromebook

Hi, while trying to check the compatibility of my app, I found out that some loaders didn’t work in Firefox on an ARM Chromebook.

So I checked some examples from the example page, three.js examples , then got to know below loaders are not working.

  • loader / 3dm
  • loader / gltf / compressed
  • loader / glff / transmission
  • loader / texture / tkx2

‘Firefox keeps stopping’ is shown then retries loading the page repeatedly.

Running those exampels in Chrome browser on that ARM Chromebook is okay and in Firefox on other M3(x64) Chromebook is also okay.

Are there any restrictions on the implementation of Firefox running on ARM with respect to those loaders?
I use Firefox 97.2.0 on ChromOS 98.0.4758.107

Any information and comments would be helpful.

It’s hard to provide feedback without seeing any error messages or warnings. The crashes could be related to hardware limitations or driver issues.

Do you see any warnings/errors in the browser console?

Actually I could not open the console in Firefox on the Chromebook. Unlike PC and MAC, Ctrl-Shift-J and Ctrl-Shift-K don’t work and I can’t find the menu either.
I’ll update this post if I find a way to open the console then get some error message. Thank you very much.