Some issues when export a single MESH with multiple materials using gltf-exporter

When import a glb model which is single Mesh with multiple materials. And I export this Mesh using gltf-exporter.Then I find the gltf-exporter replaced multiple materials(material array) with single material. There is same problem when I process in THREE.EDITOR.How can I fix it.

GLTFLoader does not produce 3D objects with multi-materials so I wonder how you setup the initial mesh in the editor. Do you mind sharing the glb that you import in the editor.

Sorry I made a mistake , the initial mesh is obj instead of glb, so it shows multi-materials. This means that if I wonder import 3D objects with multi-materials, it’s best not to import glb or gltf because GLTFLoader does not produce 3D objects with multi-materials.And I found ‘OBJLoader’ is support multi-materials.What I want to ask is that the official will support GLTFLoader to import 3D objects with multi-materials in the future?

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Exporting a multi-material mesh with GLTFExporter and then importing it with GLTFLoader should produce a scene with the same appearance, but — as you mention – the multi-material mesh will be split into one part per material.

We have no plans to change that behavior, sorry. It was supported at one point in the past, but was overly complex to maintain and had to be removed.

Okay, thank you very much for your reply