[SOLVED] Rotating with quaternion axis angle distorts object

I’m trying to animate the rotation of a cube around an axis using cube.quaternion.setFromAxisAngle(axis, angle) while incrementing the angle, and it appears to stretch the cube. Here’s a fiddle:


Is this expected behavior?

adding axis.normalize() before cube.quaternion.setFromAxisAngle() seems to do the trick

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From the doc about .setFromAxisAngle():
Axis is assumed to be normalized, angle is in radians.

For simplicity you can do even this:
var axis = new THREE.Vector3(1, 1, 1).normalize();

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@byun @prisoner849 Ah! Thanks! That worked. I missed that part.

Seems it would be more intuitive if we could just pass in any axis. I guess if it supported that then it would have to perform normalization every time, thus negative impact on performance? Maybe if Vector3 had a normalized boolean, then Quaternion could skip normalizing it.