[Solved] Help with wrong position meshes along a curve

Hi guys. How are they? Well I am working with three js and need help please.

I have a line that I transform into a tube, I need to cut that tube into X segments and add Y points (spheres) to each segment. I have achieved almost everything but the points are in the wrong positions, how should I do it so that they are around the green circle?


Here is my code, in line 133 I add the spheres

Applied the quaternion of the circle to the vector :sweat_smile:

// ...
let p = addPoint(vertex.applyQuaternion(ellipse.quaternion).add(centerOfCircle));
// ...



Very nice solution. :+1:

I immediately added them to the Collection of examples from discourse.threejs.org ==> CirclesOnCurve

I had tried quaternions for this problem as well: Struggling with paths - #10 by hofk

However, I didn’t get the position of the model right and solved it later with matrices. MovementOnCurve

I was interested to know if your variant would also be a solution. Therefore I modified the code a bit and added different radii to the ellipse. It can be seen that here, too, a distortion is taking place.
CirclesOnCurve - TEST

Conclusion: It is obviously only suitable for circles in this way.

What would have to be changed/added?