[SOLVED] Bug in texture reading?

Hello, it seems that I catched Three.js bug.
In this example I am can’t read proper texture from plane geometry: https://codesandbox.io/s/jn172x9mrw
You can change 237 line of code in MAIN.js file to see whats happens.

Code little bit messy, here some comments:
On init() I am invoke function makeRadiography() witch is trying to intersect two 3d objects with custom shader, orthographic camera and back-face culling. After that in the loop I am rendering one object with my custom material witch is reading texture from previous radiography target. To test how it works I am showing this texture on plane.

It seems that i just need to update textures:
jawsMat.uniforms.radiography.value = radTexture; jawsMat.needsUpdate = true;