Slow Transform Controls

I have this really big scene with (600 meshes) 200,000 triangles. The fps is always 60 even when orbiting using OrbitControls but when I attach transform controls to a mesh the fps drops to 30 before I make any transforms. And stays this low after I deattach it. Anyone have a similar experience. This how I call my render function.


function render() {
    renderer.render(scene, camera);

Any chances to demonstrate this performance issue with a live example?

Unfortunately, I can’t share the specific scene, but I’ll try to make a comparable one and hopefully it will have the same performance problem. I saw a post here. And he seemed to have a similar problem, so I was hoping it was something obvious that I may be overlooking.

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So I exported the scene to my development app which I used to develop the current scene in before moving it to the actual project (its in plain js). But it maintains the 60 fps at all times even during transforming. So I guess its not the transform controls but I guess it something in the project. I also tried making a comparable demo but it also worked well there too. Sorry I should have tried all this before asking the question. Thanks.

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