Size of geometry the same

Hi, I am working on a project on three js where I am trying to model a bunch of squares in rows and columns. I would like to create them such that the size of the squares is the same. The only thing that changes based on zoom factor is the distance between the squares as you can see in the image below. The closely packed squares are created when the camera is more zoomed in. I know that size attenuation is one way to do this but is it possible to apply size attenuation to LineGeometry ? Besides I dont think this is exactly size attenuation as when I zoom out to a longer distance, I dont want the squares to be visible as seen in the 2nd image.

Size attenuation is currently not supported by LineMaterial. However, there is a PR that tries to add it:

If your geometry is flat, consider using THREE.Points which already supports size attenuation.