Show interior of a model when a door moves its position

I am trying to do a masking effect. I need to show the background/ interior of a model when a door slides over. I have created a door on the wall and can move the door along the wall. When I click and drag the door its moves in one axis. I need to leave a mask behind when the door moves. To be precise, I need to have a transparent/hole within the door’s initial mouse down position to show the interior of the base model
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@Mugen87 Thanks for reply. But that is posted by me :slight_smile:
I posted on stack overflow as well

I know since I’m active on both sites. We always link to duplicate posts at stackoverflow since crossposting can have negative effects.

Ok Thanks :slight_smile:
I have tried using extrude buffer geometry but its not working correctly

For this I used CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry)

Yeah Thanks.
I used CSG, but it uses THREE.Geometry type of object for subtraction. I am using latest version of threejs and it doesnt support use of THREE.Geometry I think. Its deprecated and we have to use BufferGeometry.
Anyway thanks for the response :slight_smile: