setDecoderPath syntax error

Hi everyone,
I’m having an issue with the path of the DracoLoader as I understood from the other discussions related to the DRACOLoader:

const loader = new GLTFLoader();
    // Instantiate a loader
    const dracoLoader = new DRACOLoader();

    // Specify path to a folder containing WASM/JS decoding libraries.

      (gltf) => {
      (xhr) => {
        console.log((xhr.loaded / * 100 + "% loaded");
      (err) => {
        console.error("An error happened", err);

as you can see it’s a copy paste of the GLTFLoader guide besides my model path.
I tried basicly every path suggested by the other discussions but I couldn’t make it work.

What am I missing?
Thanks in advance to everyone answering.

Correct path to the DRACO encoder :eyes:

The path you pass have to lead to a place on your server, not on your local file system. Just make sure DRACO WASM files are in some way served statically from your web server and pass that path in the loader - following other discussions in this case can mislead you, since this path is unique per setup.

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Thanks for the answer!

So it’s not a reference to the node module package?