SelectionHelper has an unused parameter

SelectionHelper has an unused parameter, selectionBox.
Is it reserved for future use or is it safe to “fix” it and raise a PR?
If the parameter is removed, would the code need to be written to be backwards compatible (possible warning “deprecated”)? Or can the parameter simply be removed? Is there a policy on this?

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Good catch!

Since SelectionHelper is not a frequently used class in the examples folder, it’s okay to just remove the parameter without deprecation warning. Especially since it is a bit hacky to implement one. I think a note in the migration guide should be sufficient.

Would you like to create a PR with the fix?


(Removed unused parameter from SelectionHelper.js by CarlBateman · Pull Request #24057 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub)

Do I need to add the note? I can’t work out where it should go.

I am doing this after the PR has been merged.

Makes sense. Thanks.