Selecting a named collection from blender and animating with gsap

Ok so im quite new to three.js but loving the capabilities !, ive got to the point where i have created some models in blender and grouped them in collections with names, ive tried all sorts to try and get those names but all i can find from the console is a list of the meshs.

what i was hoping to do was to get and store the collections and animate them using gsap

this is what ive got in the console, all its done is load the objects individually, i just want to select them to animate them(with them being grouped but still separate objects so i can animate) i hope this makes sense

If you’re using the gltf format and the appropriate method of loading the model you should be able to console log the gltf.scene, within this hierarchy you should see the “children” property containing all of the scenes children. I’m not sure if collections in blender carry through to the export, if not, you could always group objects into a “null” object within blender using the required name to retrieve each relative collection in this way

Hey thanks for the quick reply, i have done the console log on the scene abov the lists of meshs, i think your right about the collections not carrying over in the export, ive given what you recommend a search and didnt really find anything would you know any resources or have an example please ?

This is more of a blender question than 3js but in blender you can use object->create new->empty name this empty accordingly, then select all objects within a collection and click and drag with shift (I think) onto the empty object, this should parent all selected objects to the null, exporting after this you should see the “null” object named and populated with the appropriate meshes…