Scene exported from threejs web editor not working?

hi, I made a little scene using the online editor on the threejs site, clicked publish to export it and hosted it using python with
python -m http.server
and it gives me a black page with the console error :
" Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘clone’)
at Scene.eval (eval at Player.load (app.js:79:24), :9:26)
at Player.load (app.js:79:127)
at Object.onLoad ([::]/:34:12)
at three.module.js:39650:38 " -

does anyone know how to run scenes exported from the web editor locally or what I’m doing wrong? (246.2 KB)
Here is the generated zip file:

Nevermind-- the solution was deleting an old, unused script in the app.json file!