Scaling only some part of texture

I have this image which i want to use as a map for the sprite material.
The thing i want to achieve is to know that how can i scale only the green part of the image and not the above part of it.
It will be used for progress calculation and scale according to the progress. but the upper music symbols part should remain to its original scaling only. Can anyone help with my Problem ?

Technically speaking - you could take advantage of ClampToEdge mapping - but it’ll repeat an arbitrary portion of the edge of the texture, which may not work nicely on some weird low-precision Android GPUs.

In a more legitimate way, you can just split it into two textures / two meshes with same texture but shifted mapping - and scale only one of them (Or if you feel like totally over killing it - a custom shader :smiling_face_with_tear:)

I have never heard of the clamp to edge approach can u elaborate ?

Are you talking about the texture wrapping ?