Scaling different objects to a particular size

I am trying to load different .
But each object has different scaling and dimensions.
I want to resize or rescale them to a particular scaling . I don’t want to change any of their dimension . I just wanted to scale them up or down to a certain size which would be approximately similar to each other .

How can I acheive this ?
Is there any function available or should I do it by checking each one’s dimensions and do it manually ?
Any Small help is much appreciated.

Technically, you could achieve automated rescaling with Box3.setFromObject - it’ll tell you the approximate bounds of the model (in world units.) You can then adjust them according to your needs.

(If you want a foolproof approach though - manual will probably be best. Box3 reads only numbers, not a logical context of parts of the model.)


For some ideas: Does Three have any kind of independent unit? I understand that a unit in Three is abstract, but scale.set seems to be relative to the models imported size
Feel free to search the forum :slight_smile:


Thankyou so much that worked .