Rotate Loaded Object by 90 degrees within scene

I have a three js scene which adds OBJ Models via button click. In order to increase interactivity, I want to be able to rotate these objects after they are added to the scene.

Currently, I am using TransformControls when the object gets loaded:

new MTLLoader( manager )
  			.setPath( 'EQUIPMENT/' )
  			.load( mtl, function ( materials ) {


  				new OBJLoader( manager )
  					.setMaterials( materials )
  					.setPath( 'EQUIPMENT/' )
  					.load( obj, function ( object ) {
  						scene.add( object );
  						control.attach( object ); //the transform controls
  						objects.push(object); //pushing them into an array for DragControls


However I am left with two problems:

  1. The Transform Controls only work for the most recently loaded object, which means I can’t go back and rotate an object once I’ve added a new one.

  2. The Transform Controls stay at the point where the object was added (i.e. (0,0,0)), so if I drag the object to a new position and then rotate, the object rotates around the point at which it was added.

Ideally I would be able to select an object and then rotate it 90 degrees with a keyboard click while selected. If anyone would be able to guide me to a possible solution to this I’d be very grateful.

Thank You :slight_smile: