Rotate group around pivot

How do you rotate a group around a pivot I have specified in Maya? I have basically an arm and I want to rotate the hand with the fingers that should stay attached to the arm and not float around. I’ll later want to move the arm in the same manner.

I am exporting my model with “Maya2glTF”. I have tried creating a group from within THREE.JS and also from within Maya, but I can’t get the right result.

Here is the codepen example.

Here are some screenshots from Maya.

This first screenshot is the codepen object to the right.

This second screenshot is the codepen object to the left, as you can see here I have grouped the fingers inside the hand.

Looks like Maya2GLTF is not exporting the pivot correctly. You could try exporting to FBX instead and see if that works better.

I have tried with FBX but couldn’t get it to work, so I exported it again this time with OBJLoader. Here is the codepen with exactly the same issue. I should point out that I am totally new to THREE.JS so I may be doing something wrong. I have also attached my model in both .ma and .obj extension here: (31.6 KB).

As usual, any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

This was a issue with the exporter. The maintainer has fixed it.