Rotate camera around object with device

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I’ve asked in another forum but I thought I would like to be more clear on my problem.

Whats my intention?
Currently I am using three.js within WebView on my android device and created a scene which contains a simple box (which should be used as a bounding box) and a camera. My camera needs to be an interactive one with my android device, which means that I set the position by moving the device dynamically. These vectors are coming from a SLAM-algorithmn named Direct Sparse Odometry (for more informations, look at which recreates the camera position, I can also call these values with javascript by using the provided WebViewInterface from Android. My goal is to “walk around” the box dynamically without using the camera.lookAt()-Method every time I change the values, because if I move away from the box, the view should not be centered anymore (like an AR-Application), so the point of view should be created dynamically such as the position and rotation of the camera towards the object. My goal is to place an object over a real world object with three.js to scan it later with DSO by walking around the box to detect feature points. The whole visualisation should be created with three.js.

What is DSO?
DSO is a library to track the real environment by detecting points from a camera frames, which are provided by Android’s camera 2 API. This send me a 4x4 transformation Matrix with the current pose, which I try to apply on three.js’s camera position. Due to the complexity of this algorithm, lets pretend this gives me proper values (in meters, but I also tried to multiplicate the values by 10 or 100 to receive larger results than 0.XX).

Whats my Problem?
The box does not seem to have an absolute position, even if the values seems to be fixed. Every time when placing the Box, it seem to move in an opposite direction. After many adjustments on the dso values, I am crystal clear that this the problem is happening with three.js.
I’ve also tried to apply matrixes of the scene/camera and/or using the box as a child (because of the object-heredity), but the box seems not to have an absolute position inside the scene. Also I am not able to rotate the object that seem to be realistic.

Enclosed, you’ll find my code but please note that I am using dynamically dummy values as a replacement for the dso values.

Here is my fiddle:

Do you have any suggestions?

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