Render a still without a browser

I have been looking everywhere for this, and think it may be impossible. It is similar to this post: How to Save a file to a specific location

However, my situation is somewhat different.

I have around 5k scenes in 5k js files.

I would like to save a still JPG of every scene without the use of a browser. Basically programmatically iterate through them and save a screenshot.

I believe, however, that three relies on the browser to generate the rendering in general so this would mean my endeavor was impossible.

Has anyone had this request? Is it impossible? I may have to resort to some automation platform like sendkeys…

You could run a headless browser and take a picture of a scene when it is ready. This could be useful: GitHub - puppeteer/puppeteer: Headless Chrome Node.js API

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You are my saviour. Thank you very much.

What a great tool. Thank you for sharing!