Raycaster don't pick text labels

Hi guys! Again me :sweat_smile:

I need an advice, I’m working with raycaster to pick objects but Raycaster don’t find anything. I put the axis helper and Raycaster just only find the axis. In the Example just print in console when the mouse is over axis

Do you have any idea about the problem ?

Thank you!

Using the recursive property as true this.raycaster.intersectObjects(scene.children,true); find the lines and object but don’t find the text
Any idea?
Thank you!

But Crash with that property :pensive:

Raycaster does not work with CSS2DObject. Keep in mind that CSS2DObject is just a wrapper around a HTML element. You can simply add event listeners to it in order to detect interaction.

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Thank you so much! You make me thing about my code. Before I tested with event listener but doesn’t work, so I write the question to help, but seeing my code I see this line labelRenderer.domElement.style.pointerEvents = 'none'; I say Oh no my falls :cold_face:
Again than you I’m learning a lot of, since create a pos :laughing: to work with three.js

PD. I’ll come soon with the issue of the Raycaster on my model :laughing: