RangeError: Offset is outside the bounds of the DataView, split binary file in chuncks

hi, i have simple threejs viewer and it should work with big stl file size, so currently for files over 700mb the browser is crashing on parse the data from file, i was thinking to split data from file in chunks and parse this chuncks as different geometries, but catch error RangeError: Offset is outside the bounds of the DataView can someone give an advise how to fix stl binary parser to ge full model data for webgl context?

Is it possible for you to split the STL file into multiple ones before you place them on the web/content server? I’m not sure it’s a good approach to modify STLLoader in your intended way. The problem is that you never now what part of the file a particular chunk represents. Real streaming formats (e.g. in context of progressive mesh streaming) send some kind of metadata so you actually know what kind of data are present at a certain place in the buffer. This is not true if you arbitrary subdivide data.

well, i havent requested to change STLLoader), ive got your idea, thank you, actualy that what i have figure out by myself, but i was thinking that there are some solutions how to create binary format file where data will be splited in some chunks and along with some meta data where i can get the info about that chunks when i will get the file

How did you solve it?