R3f events is not working in ios 12

Hi, r3f events is not working in ios 12.2.
I use pepjs polyfill and set canvas with “touch-action: none” ,but it’s not work.
basic demo

i think this may be an issue with pep perhaps. everything uses pointer events these days, that demo for instance uses threejs/examples/jsm/controls/OrbitControls. r3f pointer system as well. something has to properly polyfil it for platforms that do not support it.

Hi, Drcmda
I add extra "eventPrefix=“client” in Canvas, it’s worked in ios 12.2.

<Canvas touch-action="none" eventPrefix="client" />
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by default it uses offsetXY. must be some weird pep thing, the project has been abandoned. last time i asked for a pr to be merged they just made me project maintainer without even asking, seemed like they just wanted to get rid of it. :melting_face: but i do remember it was kind of fragile in so many ways, complex stuff like dragging, point capture etc will likely not work.

I found pep.js source code, it does not contain “offsetXY”.