Q: when importing jsm modules, is the module bringing in a version of THREE as well?

This is an aframe question kinda but its also a THREE research question.
Aframe has its own internal THREE version Aframe: 1.2.0 and its THREE.Revision is 125 and Aframe master is THREE.Revision is 136
When I attempt to import Node Materials I get
WARNING: Multiple instances of Three.js being imported.

<script type="module">
 import * as Nodes from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pin/three@v0.136.0-4Px7Kx1INqCFBN0tXUQc/mode=imports/unoptimized/examples/jsm/nodes/Nodes.js';

If I just make a website with just that script tag no other libraries there is a Global __THREE__ that returns a string ‘136’ but no global THREE as expected of modules

When I poke into Nodes properties i dont see a THREE object as expected

So the question mainly is what could be triggering the issue above?
In the console it states

if (typeof window !== "undefined") {
  if (window.__THREE__) {
    console.warn("WARNING: Multiple instances of Three.js being imported.");
  } else {
    window.__THREE__ = REVISION;

So thats just checking a global val, not Presence of a new version of THREE object

In any case, the app fully breaks, but this part is aframe related and not for here. Ive started various github issues for it and can only wait for a reply.