Projects with low Build Activity - Survey

Dear Developers of project mrdoob/three.js,

We are conducting a study on CI metrics and we noticed that in your project, something peculiar happened.

During the period you are using Travis CI, the project passed by a long period of inactivity.
We noticed that the TravisCI configuration file (.travis.yml) was committed to your project on the date of 2018-03-29.
But there is only a build history in TravisCI for a very short period, between 2020-04-03 and 2020-04-15, in which were performed suddenly 115 builds.

Please, we would like you to answer this short survey with just 4 questions to help us identify the cause of this behavior.

Beware of social engineering. This smells fishy.

1 Like good call, but I think this is a real person.

@jadsonjs if you check on three.js repo you can see there’s no .travis.yml. That should answer your question about why there’s no Travis activity for the repo.

From this PR it looks like three.js is using Github actions instead now.