Project : an apple (or any fruit) 3D gallery

Hello everyone,
(sorry, I do not speak English very well, and I am neophyte in 3D :zipper_mouth_face:)
I am interested in apple varieties [1], and I think it would be interesting to offer 3D textured galleries to explore the richness of this heritage.
With methods of 3D scanners, which are increasingly affordable today, it would be interesting to create a bank of models, open-source.
Are you aware of any existing projects ?

I feel that ThreeJS would be a good way to visualize this kind of 3D gallery :slight_smile:


Of 3D apple galleries? :grin:

Anyway, while i don’t see any issues in scanning i wonder how do you get such a huge list of apples. You’re right, 3D scanners are getting more affordable but their quality is very varying. Using a aus xtion/kinect would give different results than an high resolution industrial scanner, plus the software tesselating/texturing it. So unlike pictures as shown in this list, the quality could vary heavily, if there are different people who scan apples.

In case you start it, i might even contribute since i got a asus xtion here, but maybe you have stationary scanners in mind. Good luck :wink:

None !
I just have this idea to meet apple enthusiast with geeks, to dust off this discipline.
But for the technical aspects, I have no “a priori”.
I’ve seen that there are OpenSource 3D scanners, but I do not know their quality. An important point indeed will be the texture (photo) which will make it possible to restitute the different peculiarities of the fruits.
For 3D resolution, there is no need for many details: the overall shape is sufficient (oblong, rounded), as long as it is “soft”.

I would like to be able to show apple fans what it could be on one or two apples, in a fluid navigation interface like that of ThreeJs. So if someone can make a webpage with one or two fruit, it would be fantastic !

If that convinces them, I may be able to find (little) budgets for buying a 3D scanner and pay web development.
(I work in a structure that runs an apple conservatory)

I just share this picture, so that we imagine what it would give in 3D.

And here is from where we start :

(eighties photography)

I did not search much, but I just came across this 3D model :
Would anyone be able to convert it into a page template using ThreeJS?
(which I will then try to understand and modify)