Problem with mouse click (Raycaster) - can’t recognize left click

I’ve created text using canvas texture on boxgeometry and I’m using canvastexture on all the sides of boxgeometry .I’m using raycaster to make it visible when the cursor is on boxgeomtery and disable canvastexture when cursor is not on the boxgeometry . It is working fine !. but, I’m further facing issue with mouse left click .I’m not able to select text outside the canvas over the page. If anyone has any advice, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Could you replicate the issue on codepen or give a live example?

Raycaster doesn’t know of mouse existence - it just takes any arbitrary vectors, and returns intersected objects - so it can’t really block events. Either you’re using some controls that are preventing mouse events outside of canvas, or you’ve accidentally blocking these events yourself :thinking: