Potree + three in html

I have a cloud point converted to html with potreeconverter, now I want to load to the scene a 3d Model using three together. Any one with a sample? I was trying usin glfloader and really I’m a little bit lost, I’m a very bad programmer. Thanks

Mhm no, I am afraid potree is not standalone, i.e. a library that you can’t ‘attach’ to a regular three.js project. If you have used potreeconverter you just have to stick to potree.js package and its scope. There are, however, two efforts for converting it, retaining only the core functionality, of you want I can point you to their repos.

If you still need to load a model you can check the example potree+mesh from the official examples directory.

For other issues I would reccomend posting on potree channels.

I was wondering this was possbile recently and bookmarked these projects to try when I have a moment: