Pointcloud (.laz) loading with classification support in three.js

Hi there,

Is anyone aware of a library or project that supports loading pointclouds in .laz format and also supports filtering or colouring the points by their classification.

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Hi Kris
The most used for this purpose is Potree, which is a pointcloud viewer based on threejs that supports filtering (and colouring) by class index. In order to load your pointclouds you have to convert them first to an specific octree-based format, using an off-line converter. Desktop version of Potree includes that functionality, and allows you to drag&drop your las/laz files into the viewer to convert them into that format.

If you are feeling to give glsl coding a try, you could take an alternative route and write a bespoke loader that suits your specific classification and conventions needs, based on official pcd loader or similar.

It’s admittedly not three.js, but I’ve also seen deck.gl used for rendering .laz files, and I believe it does support filtering and coloring as you describe:

deck.gl / examples / point cloud layer

deck.gl does data loading with loaders.gl, maybe the same loader could be used to parse the file and load it in three.js …

loaders.gl / examples / point cloud

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