Playing two glb animations together does not work correctly

I have two glb files that perform two different animations on a base model. The first animation moves the hands and the second animation moves the eyebrows of the model as can be seen in the attached video. When I play them separately, the animations work correctly, but when played together, as can be seen in the video, the animation does not complete for the hands. I have tried different settings such as setting effectiveweight, timescale, and more but none seems to work. My code is below, and I can share more if needed, and the attached video shows the issues I am having. Thanks!

let action1 = this.mixer.clipAction(clip0); //eyebrow
let action2 = this.mixer.clipAction(clip1); //hands;         //Eyeb;

Do you mind sharing the asset in this topic?

I have attached the assets to the topic. thanks.

Um, why are you sharing three different assets? I have expected to see one glb file with two embedded animation clips.

I am combining two glbs, and want to play them concurrently on the same model. My requirement is multiple animations and files.