Place an object on a sphere's or a 3d model's selected face

Hi, I have managed to start the raycaster and I am able to select objects and gather information on the selected face…( so the console reports this after clicking on an object: “{a: 717, b: 717, c: 768, normal: t, materialIndex: 0}” ).
What I am willing to achieve is to place an object/geometry on the other Objects’ ( let’s call it a Parent ) selected face. Seems possible, but have no idea where to start.
Thank you for your help in advance!!!
( The next step would be to make the object stick to the Parent, but I think that could be done by pushing it into the group containing the Parent geometry )

Check out decal geometry examples: three.js docs

The example on here shows how they get the normal of the face with the raycaster so that the object has the correct position / orientation. three.js/webgl_decals.html at 68daccedef9c9c325cc5f4c929fcaf05229aa1b3 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub