Personal website - interactive resume

Hey! I would like to showcase my personal website, which is what I consider an interactive resume, which shows what I like, what I do and how to get in touch with me.

I have been inspired by Bruno Simon’s great website ( ) and decided to build mine using the same technology, threeJS.

Here it is:

What do you think?


Neat site!

I’m curious: how long did it take you to build it?

Hey! Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

I’d say about 3-4 months of on and off work.

Super cool. Now you’re motivating me to finally revamp my own site.

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I was mesmerized by Bruno’s site and that motivated me to work on mine. For me it was a really fun experience!
I’m quite honored to be motivating others further on.
Have fun on your site redesign!

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i really want to do something like this. where do you learn this? did u learn it from any online course?

Hey koceb! I didn’t do any specific course. I had some gamedev knowledge, but never worked with threeJS. Their docs and code examples are very good and helped me a lot to start the project. Otherwise, google, as always, is your friend. I also received a lot of support from people on threeJS discord servers. If you want a course, I hear this one is quite good, but I haven’t used it personally: . Good luck on your project!

I see. thanks for the enlightment. will try to learn this one.

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