pass my 3D object behind an element in my scene

Hello everyone I hope you are well I would like to pass the text of my scene behind my 3D object I use the library react Three fiber and react Three drei I would like to know if there is a way to do this
I use the “HTML” component in my grid and I import a stl file in my scene
here is the video of the bug

<Html occlude>

you can also animate the transition

keep in mind that this can only work with raycasting, which can take performance down depending on how many models and how complex they are. best study the docs, you have the option of limiting the objects that can occlude it to save performance.

  // Can be true or a Ref<Object3D>[], true occludes the entire scene (default: undefined)
  // Callback when the visibility changes (default: undefined)
  onOcclude={(visible) => null}