ParametricBufferGeometry can't work with vuex together

hi, I’m using vue+vuex to develop a website, but I meet some problems, please help me.

I have a nurbs surface which is ready, and the points are stored in vuex this.$store.state.nurbs, but when I create geometry buffer, I can’t import it into ParametricBufferGeometry

const getNURBSSurfacePoint = (function (NURBS) {
      return function (u, v, target) {
      // input target = new THREE.Vector3()
      // modify target by target.set(x,y,z)
      // return void
          NURBS[u][v][0] /NURBS[u][v][3],
          NURBS[u][v][1] / NURBS[u][v][3],
         NURBS[u][v][2] / NURBS[u][v][3]

    let geometry = new THREE.ParametricBufferGeometry(getNURBSSurfacePoint,

after run

npm run dev

the webpage warns

this.$store.state.nurbs[u] is undefined

can anyone help me?

I saw the example of nurbs in three.js source pack.

if I construct a new object like it, it would occupy much memory, also the data copy in memory would slow the program down. my current method JavaScript closure is much faster, but I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

or I have to develop ParametricBufferGeometry function by myself, it’s so difficult, and I don’t know what hidden problems are in my modification. I really don’t want to do that.