[Paid] Looking for developer to create 2.5D game lighting

Hey! I’m looking for a three.js developer who can;

  • Create 2.5D lighting (with day/night cycles)
  • Create atmosphere with fogs,sunlights, etc.(other things that can improve atmosphere)
  • Demo

Basic explanation of my workspace:
Game is 2.5d meaning; there are 2d planes with only transparent pixel art texture only in one side, ground is a big 2d plane with pixel art map but three, houses and other aspects are 3d models with pixel art textures. Please keep in mind. Camera is always lookin 45degree to the player.

Don’t starve

If I’m not responding in here please contact me from my discord @raufckk

Price will be discussed.


Hello, hope you are doing well.
I am a passionate and creative 3D developer, familiar with three.js.
I have sent friend request, I 'd like to discuss in more detail.
Thank you.