[Paid] Looking for 3js and React expert to build data labeling tools

Hi There! I manage the Labeling Tools group at Argo.ai, a self-driving car company. We build tools to label datasets of point clouds, imagery and more gathered from our vehicles, which are used to train machine learning models. You’ll get to work closely with our users and customers to help us build amazing tools used by hundreds of expert labelers.

We’re looking to hire experienced software engineers with expertise in Three.js, React and other web technologies. Our team is located in Pittsburgh, PA, and we have additional offices in Palo Alto, CA and Munich, Germany. Remote work is available in the U.S. or Germany if you have the right qualifications. Apply at the link below or feel free to ask me any questions.

Software Engineer, Front End [Argo.ai]

Best Wishes,
Michael Rondinelli

Yes we will consider self-taught individuals that don’t have a degree; it’s your skill that matters. We do have some other limitations based on your location.

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