[PAID] Custom model uploader

Hi all - paid feature needed: custom image uploader.

We need a boilerplate UI element and functionality for users to load (from a file browser or drag-n-dropped onto the UI) their own custom fbx models into the ThreeJS canvas. The uploader should be able to drag and drop or use a file browser to load their own models into the ThreeJS world.

This might help with the uploading part:

Take a look at the example and let me know if you can put together a simple UI and functionality for users to load their models into a ThreeJS scene. Get in touch with your estimated cost and timeframe for this, as well as any further questions, by sending me a DM.

Hi pixelbrush, I think I can help you with this. I would like to understand a little bit more about your use case as well as how you would like the ui to behave.

Do you have a discord account? We can talk more about this project via discord (you can find my account win#8477) or if you have a preferred method of contact, please let me know. I can also provide some past projects if you like for reference of my work.

hello pixelbrush, I can help you with this part. I had done a project like creating a app which users can upload a model and view it. I can help you with your requirements
contact me in
email: dharanichandran.j@matlync.com

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