[PAID] Company looking to hire freelancer for 3D model preview tool

Hello, we are looking for a three.js expert to help us develop a web-app to preview 3D-models with different materials.
This is a paid project with a budget of 2,000-4,000 USD for your work.

About the project

  • Users will be able to upload a 3D-model and apply pre-defined materials to get a preview
  • We would like to explore pathtracing as an option to get higher quality results, which may include server-side rendering using three.js and headless-gl.
  • If the user supplies a 3D-file which includes multiple materials/colors (such as obj or 3mf), they will also be able to assign multiple of the pre-defined materials.

What we need for this project

  • Create realistic representations of physical, existing materials. Some of these materials will have “special effects” such as: Metallic, glitter, colorful reflections, translucency, transparency and even emissivity. You will be provided physical samples of these materials.
  • Help us find or create multiple environments to present the 3D-models in.
  • Find a way to add additional surface structures to the uploaded models. Does not require to actually modify the geometry, but might require custom shaders.
  • Implement basic controls to view the 3D-model.

About us

  • We offer a payment of 2,000-4,000 USD, depending on how many of the required features you can help us with and how much work it is to implement these.
  • I am publishing this job offer on behalf of a 600+ employee, international company, and you will directly work with them as a freelancer for this project. For strategic reasons, the name of the company will not be publicly announced in this job posting, but you will learn about who you’ll be working for when you get in touch with us.
  • You will be working on this project alongside with a web developer who will develop the web app the 3D-tool will be integrated in.
  • You will be required to sign an NDA before working on this project.

We are excited to hear from a three.js developer who can help us bring this project to life. If you’re interested, feel free to respond below or send us a direct message with a portfolio of your projects and a summary of your expertise.

I am so interested in your project
I hope to hear more detail from you
my skype : live:.cid.de948e018962750e
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Hi Hannah,
Thank you for getting in touch with us. We would love to see your past projects and fields of expertise, so feel free to share a portfolio or work samples with us here or in a private message on this forum.

Hello @nbdev
this is my portfolio

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Is it possible for you to run blender on the server side and then basically use their rendering engine CYCLES for high quality renders. one the user client side it would basically be a way for them to communicate what changes they would require, and then the entire work is sent to blender for rendering including the asset.

My understanding is that this means the materials are pre-made and the user needs to basically select them.

If your company can afford to I would strongly suggest using blender for rendering.

Hello, I am three js developers and 3D designer. I’m familiar with similar projects and have already created my own editor where the user can upload their own 3D model and apply material for each part, as well as upload different environment lighting to get the best result.
let’s contact for more information and details

mail: infomejdi@hotmail.com
WhatsApp: 21626018624
telegram: @Mejdikazdarlli

Hello nbdev
Your opinion is very perfect for me.
I would like to work with you.
I think if we can help each other and can get more money.