own website with three.js startpage

Hi! I just made a new version of my portfolio website with a three.js startpage and a header, objects moved by mouse position:

Not a big thing but on my way to do more :wink:


It is beautiful. It works fine on a laptop. Iā€™d like to see the end result of:

I have a few suggestions when shown on a mobile device:

  • it is vague feeling that the head spins in the opposite direction of phone rotation. maybe switching the direction will look better? (it will give the illusion that the head is fixed in space)
  • the horizontal and vertical rotation of the phone produces different rotations of the model in portrait and landscape modes
  • when the page is started, there are 4-5 seconds blank screen of nothingness, maybe it is good to show something, so that the user knows to wait a bit more (I did not experience the same on a laptop)

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes this will be the next steps. Took some time to bring the gyro to work on Android and iOS, now I focus on the rest :wink:

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