Orbit Control scroll slowing down until it can't be scrolled anymore

Hi all. Currently facing a problem where if I’m facing a GLB with Orbit Controls and I scroll towards it, there is a point where the scroll starts slowing down a lot, until the camera can’t be zoomed anymore. After that, if I want to zoom out, the scroll is also very slow until certain threshold. Any idea on what might be happening?

A = original distance
B = 80%A
C = 80%B
D = 80%C
and so on…

I see. Is there any property that I should tweak to avoid this effect?

I think there are too many ways to approach this issue, but I cannot advice what would be the best for your specific case.

  • changing zoom speed depending on the distance
  • changing the target, so instead of zooming, you will be moving
  • using another controls (e.g. FlyControls)
  • modifying the zooming/dollying function in the source code
  • providing your own zooming function (if OrbitControls allows this)
  • writing your own controls
  • dynamically changing the minimum and maximum distance (and keep them equal, thus forcing the camera to make larger or smaller steps)
  • searching for similar questions as they might have solutions that work for you (example)