Offsetting a mesh

This little project is a part of a big one that it’s developing. But I wanted to share it with you because maybe it will be helpful to someone. In the application is possible to create an offset for an STL File, an offset with points, or with a mesh. The last one is the difficult part of the algorithm.
There are still issues, maybe you can help me.

Code: GitHub - AngyDev/threejs-offset: Create an offset sets of points or an offset mesh from an STL file

Let me know what you think!!


Works amazing for small models - but crashed on my 25MB Exp-Farm-Boy from Gothic :sob:

Maybe adding three-mesh-bvh could help a bit further with optimisation, offsetting entire regions based on normals instead of separate vertices etc. :eyes: ?

Thanks and I’m sorry :blush: It’s more functional if the calculation is moved from the browser to a server.
The idea is to read all the vertices to maintain the structure of the mesh and move each vertex of an offset and then recalculate the normals.
How can I offset an entire region? I know the library, I used it for the painting but in this case what do you think? I create the mesh and add it to the geometry geometry.computeBoundsTree();, or there is another way?

Sorry for the many questions but it was not easy. :sweat_smile: