Offscreen Canvas compatibility?

After spending a lot of time in development with offscreen canvas, I just found out that there might be a serious compatibility problem -especially with older mobile:


Although in my tests with three.js it IS supported in the latest FF, Chrome, Opera in Windows which means it was added recently, but what is the support in older mobiles? Are there any free offscreencanvas statistics?

I mainly need offscreen canvas to render text properly before I copy it to textures, what alternative would you suggest?

I think you are mixing two topics. OffscreenCanvas is a new API that allows canvas drawing to occur with no connection to the DOM. It enables rendering in a worker, like shown in the following demo:

Rendering text or shapes to an ordinary HTML5 canvas element and using this canvas as a texture has nothing to do with OffscreenCanvas.

BTW: Yes, OffscreenCanvas is an experimental API and the respective browser support is in need of improvement.

Mugen87, you mean that this:

var offScreenCanvas = document.createElement('canvas');
offScreenCanvas.width = 1024;
offScreenCanvas.height = 1024;
var ctx = offScreenCanvas.getContext("2d");  

(aside the similar var name) has nothing to do with OffscreenCanvas?

Correct. This is a normal usage of the HTML5 Canvas API.

OK, thanks for clarifying this! A bit confusing though, because we are used to call it “offscreen canvas” because it is exactly that. I think they should have picked a different name for that new API to make a distinction between the two.